Why choose an Invidia High Performance Exhaust System?

In this article we'll take a quick look at what makes a quality system, and why we think Invidia Performance Exhausts offer the best quality and bang for buck on the Australian market. Let's get stuck in to it.....

With a sea of aftermarket exhaust systems in the marketplace from all over the world, it can be difficult even for the discerning customer to decypher what makes the difference between a quality system, a cheap system, and when you're jsut paying for an brand name.

In this article we'll take a quick look at what makes a quality system, and why we think Invidia Performance Exhausts offer the best quality and bang for buck on the Australian market. Let's get stuck in to it.....



Far more engineering goes in to the design of an exhaust system than many realise. From a performance perspective, there is a fine balance between exhaust backpressure and exhaust gas velocity. Too large a diameter pipe, and low down power and torque is sacrificed (particularly on naturally aspirated cars), too small a diameter or added restrictions and bottle necks in the system, and the engine is unable to push gasses out of the combustion chamber efficiently, reducing power and torque. There are many other technical aspects such as "scavenging effect" which are beyond the scope of this document, but the point is, it's not as simple as just strap on a drain pipe and gains for days. A "quality" exhaust system maximises performance gains by design.

A free flowing system with the correct amount of back pressure for the intended application is essietial
for maximum performance.

Invidia High Performance employ a team of engineers and conduct thorough research and development for every single exhaust component they manufacture, ensuring performance to match the customer's needs in every instance, including the use of the highest quality High Flow Catalytic Converters where applicable.


What an exhaust sounds like is typically the number one factor when choosing a system. The acoustics of an exhaust system are hugely complex. Many people believe that all an exhaust does is muffle the natural tone of the engine, but in the vast majority of cases this is far from the truth, in fact companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Porsche and alike all spend massive amounts of time and money "fine tuning" their exhaust systems to sound exactly how they want them to. Put a straight pipe on just about any hypercar and that distinctive engine note is lost.

Tuning the sound of an exhaust system adds an additional layer of complexity to the performance aspect of the design process. The goal is to design a system that sounds great, without adversely affecting performance. Invidia spend countless hours on research and development, including listening to customer feedback in order to fine tune their systems to suit the target market for each model from the quieter Q300 to the Race orientated G5 Titan, so you can be assured your car sounds its absolute best, without sacrificing performance.


The final piece of the puzzle is perhaps the most important of all. you don't have to be an expert to realise that all the research and development in the world means nothing if the final product is built with sub-standard materials, using sub-standard manufacturing techniques.

Invidia take a huge amount of pride in the final product and in Australia, their Stainless Steel systems are backed with a lifetime warranty*, which speaks for itself. 

So what are the differences? For starters, Invidia use Grade 304 Stainless Steel (with the exception of their titanium systems of course). This particular grade is chosen for its strength, durability (ability to withstand the elements), as well as it's ability to be formed and welded with relative consistency and ease.

From the very beginning, Invidia empoy state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure form, fit and finish are all on point. A 3D scan is take onf the underside of the car to ensure fitment is 100% correct. Cast flanges are used in the construction which ensure 100% correct fitment every time, with no leaks or additional stress points.

Finally, robitic welding machines are used to ensure every single weld is uniform and precise, not only adding a huge amount of strength, but also removing manufacuring variances which are unavoidable when doing a task by hand. This means every system that rolls off the production line is jsut about as identical as possible. All built to the same incredible high standard. Did we mention it also looks abosolutely awesome?

Robotic welding ensures consistency, minimal weight and uniform strength across the entire surface of the joint... And looks amazing!!

We will not speak for other brands. Some are also fantastic, others not so much. Have a listen, and take a look at the quality, fit, finish and construction of Invidia High Performance exhaust systems and decide for yourself! We don't think you'll find a better quality product in Australia, and we back this with Invidia Exhaust's Australia's Lifetime Warranty on all Invidia Stainless Steel exhaust systems*.

Happy modding!

*Invidia Exhausts Australia Lifetime Warranty does not cover titanium systems or Catalytic Converters.

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