5 Bolt-on Performance Car Parts in Australia to Shop and Consider

Date Posted:12 July 2017 

Image of a bolt on performance car parts in Australia

Are you in the market for some bolt-on upgrades to improve your vehicle's performance but do not know where to start? Perhaps you are looking at our selection of performance car parts online in Roxburgh Park (or anywhere in Australia for that matter) and cannot decide what to get for your vehicle.

These days, reputable car manufacturers like Subaru develop vehicles that satisfy high standards for emission and fuel requirements. As a result, it can be difficult for most people to think of ways on how to improve the vehicle from its' factory state.

Of course, the auto industry is still a compromise between economy and performance. In this post, we will take a look at five reasonably easy bolt-on upgrades that give you real gains in performance without having to do any long term modifications to your vehicle.

Five highly recommended performance car parts you can buy online

1. High-Performance Shocks/Springs/Coil-Over Springs

Performance suspension systems from brands like Eibach are some of the most popular and simplest upgrades from Holden performance shops. Steering and ride quality can feel stiffer, but most people are happy with the compromise. The springs keep tires in contact with the road at higher speeds better compared to stock ones.

2. Adjustable Top Strut Mounts, Chassis Braces

Custom strut mounts that enable you to fine-tune your car's handling for smooth cornering. The only downside is that there is more road noise entering through the chassis

3. Larger anti-roll bars

One of the best aftermarket parts and accessories that you can get to improve your vehicle's stability, big anti-roll bars help keep your car remain firmly in contact with the road. These bars make for a rougher ride quality as bumps on one side are transmitted to the other. This nullifies the benefit of an independent suspension system which has become fairly standard for most modern vehicles.

Despite the downside, most auto experts would agree that it is a bolt-on upgrade worth having especially at higher speeds where maintaining complete control of your vehicle is crucial.

4. High-Temperature Brake Pads

Aftermarket performance brake pads increase your car's safety rating through faster deceleration while maintaining complete control of your vehicle. Although a set of high-temperature brake pads are more expensive compared to regular ones, they do tend to last longer even with heavy brake use.

5. Performance cold-air intake system

A less restrictive cold air intake is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of improving engine horsepower. Even the slightest improvement and airflow can yield remarkable gains, paving the way for more sophisticated and hard-hitting upgrades in the future such as forced induction system (turbo kits).


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