K&N Cold Air Intake - Is it Worth It?

Date Posted:24 November 2017 

K&N Cold air intake system, Image by Prospeed Racing

When it comes to cold air intake brands, K&N is often the first name that comes to mind and for good reason. The company pioneered the idea of bolt-on performance cold air intake systems in the late 1980's. By then, fuel injection systems were becoming the norm, and many auto enthusiasts found that it is just what they needed to increase engine power. How is this so?

Cold air intake for trucks and cars - how do they work?

Now you may have already seen reviews about cold air intake but aren’t too sure whether they may be a worthwhile purchase. To make an informed decision on the matter, you would do well to learn as much as you can about how a cold air intake works and the benefits that you can expect once installed unto your vehicle.

You can think of cold air intake as air being drawn into your car engine cylinders much like breathing air into a pair of lungs.  The air is injected with fuel then compressed before igniting to generate enough power to drive the vehicle forward. Cold air contains more oxygen thus pumping the cylinder with higher volumes of it enables the engine to burn fuel much more efficiently. The increased efficiency allows your vehicle to generate more power without necessarily having to burn more fuel.

Other benefits of a cold air intake system

  • Helps regulate engine temperature
  • Improves fuel efficiency -- more power for less fuel
  • Powerful engine sound
  • Comes with additional filters that prevent intake of dirt particles
  • Faster  acceleration and throttle response
  • Reputable brands like K&N make cold air intake kits tailored to specific makes and models of vehicles for optimum compatibility

Are you convinced that a K&N cold air intake is an upgrade that you absolutely must have for your vehicle? We at "Prospeed Racing" are eager to help you make that happen! Call us today on  02 4340 4463 or browse through our excellent selection of performance aftermarket auto parts online.