Achieve Rocket Performance with the Right Aftermarket Auto Parts

Date Posted:6 February 2017 

Do you want to get more engine power out of your vehicle? If so, then you will need to get your hands on some rocket performance products that will help you achieve the desired results. You have to wonder, though; what aftermarket auto parts will you need for this to occur? It is a good question especially when there is a broad range of options that claim to improve engine performance most of which do not exactly come cheap.

Don't have a clue what kind of aftermarket auto parts would help you increase engine power? In this post, we will take a look at a few upgrades that are worth considering.


Shopping for performance car parts in Australia to increase engine power

You can think of your car engine as a large air pump and one which creates a series of perfectly timed combustions that draw in and press incoming air. Finding ways to move higher volumes of air in and out of your engine is what results in an increase in horsepower. If you are serious about obtaining significant gains in engine power, then there are a few performance car parts in Australia that you would do well to consider.


Upgraded performance chips

ECU (Electronic Control Unit) chips on stock vehicles are pre-programmed to comply with standard emission and fuel octane requirements which leave out many opportunities for increasing engine power. You can use to programmable performance chips to tweak settings like boost, ignition timing and fuel-air ratio. These settings make it easy to enhance your car's engine power and torque. Performance chips come with software that is simple to use and links up to your vehicle's onboard diagnostics with pre-set or customisable settings.


Performance cold air intake

Upgrading to a more efficient cold air intake system is one of the most convenient and economical ways to increase horsepower. The air coming into your engine gets cooler and denser. Considering that your engine operates by taking in air, mixing it with fuel and burning the mixture to produce power, the denser the air, the more power it will produce.

Cold air intake systems from popular brands like "Aeroflow performance products" feature an innovatively shaped filter that uses increased surface area to pull air through. In many cases, it can be thrice the size of a stock one.  A better cold air intake system likewise improves airflow resistance and prevents turbulence within the pipes that disrupt airflow throughout the engine.


High-Flow Cat-Back Exhaust System

A Cat-back exhaust system replaces the restrictive stock muffler and factory exhaust pipe on your vehicle. If you pair it with an aftermarket high-flow catalytic converter, it increases both torque and airflow to enhance horsepower.

Opt for systems with mandrel-bent large diameter pipes as these tend to yield the most gains in engine power. Also, we recommend choosing one with straight-flow mufflers as these provide the most stable air flow through the exhausts and support an overall increase in engine power.


Performance headers

Meeting both emissions requirements and keeping small production expenses can limit the capability of your standard manifolds to move volumes of air as efficiently as possible. Hence Aftermarket exhaust headers is a good option for churning out additional horsepower and boost torque.

Performance headers increase your car's efficiency by moving air much faster and better. Long tube headers do a good job of building torque and horsepower from mid-range to top end RPMs and are ideal for high-rev performance.  Short headers, on the other hand, provide more HP and torque in the lower RPM which makes it perfect for daily driving.


Forced Induction (Superchargers & Turbochargers)

Forced induction systems yield the greatest increase in engine performance and for a good reason. It is not uncommon to increase horsepower and torque by over 50% with the help of superchargers or turbochargers that work by adding more air and fuel. Hence a charged engine produces more power and better acceleration.

Of course, a turbocharger and supercharger are two different things.  A supercharger is driven by a belt that connects straight to the engine while a turbocharger gets its power from the exhaust system. Turbochargers are more efficient given that they use spent energy from the exhaust stream as its source of energy. However,  there is a slight delay with turbochargers (turbo lag) till you feel a power increase. Superchargers, on the other hand, deal a nearly instant boost of engine power when you step on the gas.


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