A Brief Introduction to Mishimoto Radiators Australia

Date Posted:20 August 2018 

Image of a Mishimoto Radiators in Australia


A radiator is a part of a performance vehicle’s integral system.  It keeps the engine safe by dissipating heat,letting the hot air pass through a coolant and into the car’s engine. With this in mind, the main function of a radiator is to ensure a car keeps its perfect running temperature.


Intercoolers is considered a crucial part of turbo charged vehicles. Its main job is to cool the air that passes through the air filter before carrying it to the main transmission chamber.  By reducing the temperature of compressed gas, your vehicle will work smoothly and efficiently in any weather condition or temperature.


Mishimoto Products Overview


Mishimoto radiators and intercoolers are immensely popular and have an excellent reputation among performance vehicle enthusiasts in Australia. Since the company was founded in 2003, Mishimoto has been one of the top brands when it comes to aftermarket performance cooling car parts. What sets Mishimoto apart from the competition is that they only utilise superior-quality materials to ensure optimum cooling efficiency and reliability standards are maintained.


When it comes to performance car radiators and intercoolers, Mishimoto is one of the most popular names due to their commitment to excellence. All radiators and intercoolers from Mishimoto are designed for that perfect fit akin to OEM car parts and components. According to Mishimoto radiator reviews, all product offerings are easy to install, adding to reasons why you should give serious consideration to acquiring them.


If you’re looking for a performance car radiator brand that delivers and exceeds expectations, buying your own Mishimoto radiator from a reputable distributor in Australia is indeed a worthwhile investment.


Best-Selling Mishimoto Products in Australia


According to Mishimoto radiator reviews from consumers and car specialists, here are some of the products that are worthy of your hard-earned cash:


  • Mishimoto Race Intercooler for Mitsubishi Evolution 7, 8, or 9

  • Mishimoto radiator suir for Subaru

  • Mishimoto for Subaru WRX Top-Mount Intercooler and Charge Pipe System

  • Mishimoto Universal Transmission Fluid Coolers


Besides intercooler and radiator kits, Mishimoto also offers a variety of performance car parts such oil catch cans, electric fans, coolant reservoir kits, radiator hose kits, and piping kits just to name a few.

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