The Eibach Pro Kit 86 - Is it the Right Lowering Springs for you?

Date Posted:22 June 2017 

Image of an Eibach Lowering Springs, by Pro Speed Racing


Are you looking for a good set of lowering springs to improve the suspension and appearance of your vehicle? If so, then you have probably heard about the 86 Eibach Pro Kit as it is quite popular in the aftermarket scene. You have to wonder though - is it worth getting it for your vehicle? It is a good question especially when the price of an Eibach Pro kit isn’t cheap.

Eibach Pro Kit Review

Eibach makes lowering springs that fit just about any vehicle make and model. In particular, the 86 model fits the 2013 Toyota Scion, Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT.  There are also other models like the Challenger Eibach Pro Kit which is compatible with muscle cars from manufacturers like Dodge and Chevrolet. In any case, you expect the same quality of engineering that goes into a set of Eibach suspension springs. The company's reputation has been nothing short of legendary, and you can rarely say the same thing about most other manufacturers for aftermarket car parts.
Typical of Eibach, the Pro Kit 86 is more than capable of handling the extreme stress of car racing let alone daily-driven street vehicles. The progressive spring design is known for helping vehicles navigate sharp turns at high speeds with complete control. Eibach first applied the technology to their Formula 1 racing cars.
Today, you can benefit from the same technology on your hatchback or sedan.Of course, you will not be pushing your vehicle to the same speeds as a Formula 1, but it is always good to know that the lowering springs that you are using on your car are capable of such an extreme demand.
Of course, performance is not the only thing that makes Eibach coil over springs so popular among auto enthusiasts but aesthetics as well. Eibach's Pro Kit can lower your vehicle about 1 to 1.5 inches and makes a car look so much sleeker. As a bonus, the mod also reduces a vehicle's centre of gravity for better handling and stability.

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