Four Performance Car Parts in Australia to Shop For

Date Posted:8 August 2017 

Image of performance car parts to shop for in Australia

Do you frequently visit Holden performance shops but often come out empty handed? Perhaps you just had your first set of wheels and would like to maximise its performance but do not know where to start? The process need not be complicated, and it helps to know which parts to consider and are likely to give you the best value for your money.


So why bother with performance car parts in the first place? Many people shy away from performance car parts thinking it will just increase fuel consumption and are content with how their stock vehicle performs. However, fuel efficiency is just one aspect of auto performance. You also need to consider handling, suspension and overall engine efficiency.

What auto manufacturers never tell their customers is that it is standard practice for them to tune down their vehicles on the production line to a quarter of its actual performance. They do it primarily to reduce cost but also to ensure that their car models do not end up competing with one another on performance. For example, Subaru aftermarket parts and accessories are very popular in the market despite the fact that models like the Impreza are already some of the most impressive vehicles of their time. Still, many auto enthusiasts find that manufacturers always leave plenty of room for improvement.


Affordable and straightforward performance car parts online

It is always best to start with something simple. The following are a few performance car parts that we recommend you start with and are guaranteed to yield significant improvements on how your vehicle performs:


Cold air intake systems

For a kit that cost about $500 and is remarkably easy to install, aftermarket cold air intake systems offer one of greatest returns for acceleration and fuel efficiency. Installation should take you no more than an hour as the upgrade only entails replacing the narrow airbox on your car engine's air intake. The idea is that the upgrade will enable air to flow naturally throughout the engine with no obstacles, granting easy access to a steady supply of air for combustion and exhaust flow.


Strut bars

Installing strut tower braces is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of improving handling on any vehicle. They cost about as much as a cold air intake kit although they are a bit more difficult to install.  It would be best to ask performance car shops in Melbourne for help if you do not know what you are doing or you could risk damaging the part.

Strut bars improve handling and enable you to navigate turns that much easier by balancing the forces exerted on one side of the vehicle with the other. Doing so ensures that the tires remain firmly on the ground even when turning the car at high speeds.


Tune ECU (Engine Control Unit)

The ECU controls almost every aspect of your vehicle's performance. You can tune up or swap out the ECU on most modern vehicles for a better one to unlock more of your car's engine power available at all ranges. Granted, performance ECU's are a fairly expensive and complex upgrade that most car owners will not be able to do themselves, but there is no better way of making sure that you are maximising your vehicle's potential.


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