A Guide to Buying Japanese Performance Parts

Date Posted:27 April 2018 

Image of an Automotive technicians check the engine diameter design


The advent of the Internet has made it quite easy to buy anything from anywhere in the globe. Whether you are looking for rare gemstones from Africa or authentic Japanese performance parts, you will definitely find them online.

For race car enthusiasts, gone are the days of going from store to store hoping the parts needed are actually available. It was also expensive to import JDM performance parts before the Internet as buyers still needed to find direct connections in Japan in order for them to complete their kit. Today, virtually all Japanese performance parts that you need can be ordered from an online selling store.

But before you go crazy shopping for parts online, here are some pointers to remember to guarantee a satisfactory buy!

Do not forget to research

There are many online stores that specialise in selling Japanese performance parts in Australia. Sadly, only a few of them are legitimate sellers and are able to deliver goods to their clients. Choose a company that offers a large database of both new and used performance car parts from Japan. If you need more than one part, buying from a shop with an extensive range will definitely save you both money and time.

Always confirm if the store is a legitimate business

One drawback of buying Japanese performance parts is that it becomes difficult to tell which businesses are legitimate and which ones are fake. Before making a purchase, we highly advise you to call the company you plan to buy Japanese performance parts from. Make sure to check all the contact numbers and addresses. It is best to avoid a company that does not display this information on their website.

Try to bargain, but be polite when doing so

You can definitely haggle for various Japanese performance brands, but make sure to compare brands and shops. Choose a part which is within your budget and is of excellent quality. If the price is still a bit too high for you, you can try to negotiate a lower price,  but make sure you bargain in a polite manner.

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