How to Buy Turbo Kits in Australia

Date Posted:20 October 2017 

The demand for turbo kits in Australia is steadily increasing. More vehicle owners realize that the importance of turbochargers in Australia extend beyond its fuel efficiency qualities but of its ability to make any small engine more powerful, too!


Holden turbo kits were once promoted as innovative devices that utilize fuel similar to a four-cylinder but boast power of a six-cylinder. A turbocharger makes it possible to harness exhaust energy from the back of an engine whilst delivering more air at the front.

Image of a Turbo charger Kit by Prospeed Racing


The worldwide energy crisis that also affects Australians helped bring back the popularity of Garrett turbo chargers in Sydney and other major cities in the country. This specific brand of turbo kits enhance the engine power of vehicles such as Holden cars by directing air back into the cylinder resulting in more power and greater rate of combustion. Wasted energy from the exhausted pipe is typically utilized by turbochargers.


If you’re looking for the best turbo kit in Australia, here are some buying tips:


  • Check a vehicle’s output per displacement which refers to the efficiency of increasing an engine’s power.

  • Choose stainless steel housing for your turbochargers. Nickel-alloy turbines are relatively cheaper, but they don’t last a long time. A quality made Garrett turbo in Sydney can withstand up to 1922F resulting in better stoichiometric air and fuel rations.

  • Buy the latest iteration from Garrett turbo dealers. Little refinements may seem insignificant to the average person, but small changes can all lead to better operation of your vehicle.

  • A turbocharger’s design is important, too! Make sure to pick an efficient setup as this will help in determining engine speed load and specific load that turbochargers are at its most efficient.


If you want to save on fuel and money, consider making an investment for a Garrett turbo for your vehicle. Replacing your stock with a turbo kit will yield up to 10% savings when compared to larger vehicles. Lastly, installing a turbocharger reduces the overall weight of the car, too!