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Author: admin   Date Posted:25 October 2018 

image of non catted down pipe by invidia

If you are looking for a high-performance exhaust system to install in your prized car, Invidia is the name to remember. The company specialises in the manufacture of exhaust systems for Japanese cars including Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Acura, and Mitsubishi. Their excellent reputation has made it possible to extend their exhaust system manufacturing for other Western car brands including Mini, Ford Mustang, and Volkswagen Golf just to name a few.


Why buy Invidia Exhaust?


The major selling point of Invidia is that their product offerings are reasonably priced compared to competitors. They give reasonable price and high quality of products such as Invidia exhaust Q300, Invidia exhaust s200, and their highly-rated Invidia exhaust gaskets, just to name a few.

The product offering of Invidia is not only limited to exhaust systems. The company also produces equally-impressive car parts and accessories including catalytic converters, headers, down pipes, and turbo charge outlets, too.

Invidia’s popularity is mainly due to its exhaust system lines, namely the Invidia N1 and the Invidia exhaust Q300. The N1 range offers affordable exhaust systems for car enthusiasts who need remarkable stainless steel, loud performance. The Q300 exhaust system offering on the other hand caters to car enthusiasts who want a quieter exhaust system.

The ingenious design innovations of Invidia’s exhaust system are what sets them apart. For instance, a handful of Invidia’s exhaust systems have flat-bottomed mufflers that make vehicles aerodynamic, thus ensuring excellent ground clearance.

The materials used by Invidia are also major selling points. Invidia utilises 304 grade stainless steel- a corrosion-resistant material that ensures longevity with proper care and maintenance. For those with sizable budget, Invidia also offers exhaust systems made from full titanium material.


Are Invidia Exhaust Systems Worth the Money?


Based on Invidia exhaust system reviews, the majority of customers are more than satisfied after replacing their OEM exhaust or old systems with Invidia. The fit and performance of Invidia exhaust systems have been given a 5-star rating by most car owners who buy parts and accessories online.



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