Top 3 Safety Shopping Tips for First Time Online Auto Parts Buyers

Date Posted:12 May 2018 

Image of Spare parts for car repair

The Internet has undeniably made it easy, fast, and affordable to buy auto parts. Online auto parts specialists offer aftermarket car parts from popular car manufacturers. There are even auto parts sellers that sell spare parts for sports cars and luxury vehicles. Popular car parts stores have also established their online presence making it easier for long-time customers and new clients to purchase their goods without having to travel to their warehouse.

If you are a first-time buyer of aftermarket car parts, you will need to follow a simple guide to ensure you get the most value for your money. Here are some tips and tricks that will be useful when shopping on the Internet:

Always opt for for trusted names

For most auto parts buyers, the obvious place to search online is on the website of major car parts dealers and suppliers.

The disadvantage of purchasing from popular car parts stores online is that their prices are a little more expensive than those of small-scale online auto parts sellers. A lot depends on what you are willing to pay for quality parts and how fast you want the part.

  • Always check for warranty

If you are a sports car owner or a luxury vehicle owner, replacing certain parts can be very expensive. You may check across multiple sites and find that the spare part you’re looking for has the same expensive price tag. In this case, choose the store with a good reputation and one which offers 100% money back guarantee and warranty on goods that they sell. Warranties and money-back guarantees add more peace of mind when buying expensive auto parts from the Internet.

  • Avoid Craigslist at all cost

Craigslist is the last place you can find legitimate sellers of aftermarket car parts in Australia. Although we can’t say that all advertisements on Craigslist are untrustworthy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You’re much better off looking at multiple car parts dealers in Australia. If you can’t find a local dealer, check for available spare parts from international sellers instead. It’s best to spend a little more money buying from overseas, than getting duped buying fake items from Craigslist.


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