Turbo Back Exhaust Benefits and Other Types of Exhaust Systems to Optimise Performance of your Vehic

Date Posted:27 August 2018 

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If you’re looking to revv up the performance of your vehicle, which exhaust system is considered the best one? The answer to this question depends on the type of vehicle that you drive and your style of driving. Therefore, the perfect exhaust system will depend on your personal preference and the type of vehicle that you operate. If budget is not an issue and you are looking to acquire the best performance exhaust system that money can buy, here are the shopping tips that you need to know:


Turbo Back Exhaust System Explained


A turbo back exhaust is undeniably one of the most powerful upgrades for performance vehicles. With this setup, you will need to replace everything behind the Turbo back including the downpipe. You may opt for an upgrade to Turbo Back as it includes just about every modification you need to improve performance without having to replace the existing Turbo installed. For the ultimate upgrade, you may choose to replace the headers, too.


Cat Back Exhaust System Explained


Cat back exhaust system is one of the more common exhaust systems available. The Cat Back setup essentially replaces everything installed behind a catalytic converter. A lot of performance car enthusiasts prefer this upgrade as the Cat Back is left in place, thus complying with legal requirements for your car to be roadworthy. In addition, a Cat Back Exhaust System upgrade enables you to keep your manufacturer’s warranty whilst delivering roaring power and overall improvement on performance.


What is the difference between Catback and Axle Back Exhaust?


An Axle Back Exhaust is the least expensive upgrade that you can have performed on your vehicle. In this setup, some minor components are replaced such as the tailpipe, muffler, and mid-pipe. Although this type of upgrade does not give you much of a performance boost, your vehicle loses back pressure and creates that growl you desire.


If you’re looking to gain a lot from your upgrade while remaining street legal, we highly recommend that you get a Cat Back Exhaust system installed. This type of exhaust system delivers max gain without breaking the bank.

Eventually, the type of exhaust system ideal for your performance vehicle will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Lastly, maximising performance should never be a costly project. If you want affordable but quality performance vehicle parts, visit us here or reach out to us on 02 43404463.