What Auto Parts do you Need to Achieve Rocket Performance?

Date Posted:21 December 2016 

Are you in the market for performance auto parts that will help you obtain some serious gains in engine power? Most people aspire to do the same but are clueless about what parts to get. To unlock the hidden power that lies dormant within your car engine, you will need to get your hands on a combination of rocket performance products.

In this piece, we will go over a few auto parts that are sure to increase engine power and yield better performance for a faster and more enjoyable ride.


What performance car parts in Australia to shop for and consider?


Performance cold air intake system

If the goal is to yield a significant increase in engine power, many auto experts almost always upgrading your vehicle's cold air intake. Many tend to overlook such an update for other parts that directly influence engine power much to their disadvantage.

Keep in mind that increased engine power means having to deal with more heat which may damage the cylinders, seals and other essential components.  To mitigate this, you must improve airflow to dissipate heat better and keep the engine running at a safe temperature. A good performance cold air intake system does just that and more.

Improving engine airflow also yields more benefits that you may not have considered. For one thing, many find that their vehicle responds better and are pleasantly surprised that their car consumes less fuel despite the improved performance. The intake pipes on performance cold air intake systems like the ones that come with Aeroflow performance products enable the engine to work more efficiently which contributes to overall fuel efficiency.


Turbo kits

Performance forced induction systems like turbo kits and superchargers are known to yield the highest gains as far as engine power is concerned. Hence such parts are a must-have for anyone looking to get their vehicle to churn out more horsepower.

Turbo kits work by compressing the air as it mixes with fuel before getting ignited in the combustion chamber  You can expect up to 30 to 25 percent increase in horsepower. How is that for a performance upgrade?


Performance Intercoolers

If you are to turbo charge your vehicle's engine then you would surely want to consider getting an intercooler to boot. Most auto experts recommend the latter as a means to regulate air temperature flowing through the engine cylinders.

Turbo kits increase engine temperature levels far beyond what a stock engine can handle even with an upgraded cold air intake system. Hence a good intercooler system is essential for any turbocharged vehicle.

Intercoolers work by redirecting air onto a mechanical device that comprises a set of vanes designed to rapidly dissipate heat by transferring it to the cold air continuously flowing outside the part. An excessive buildup of heat within the engine can significantly reduce engine power counteracting the effects of any performance upgrade you have added to your vehicle.


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