What is a Cold Air Intake System?

Date Posted:9 November 2016 

Looking for good performance upgrades to your vehicle and wondering whether top brands like "K&N Cold Air Intake Systems" is one of them? What is the purpose of a cold air intake? These are all perfectly good questions if you are new to the auto performance scene.

Most people are quick to  dismiss the significance of cold air intake systems believing that the cash is better invested in more complicated and expensive upgrades such as turbochargers. A real auto enthusiast would tell you that nothing is farther from the truth and skipping a good cold air intake system is one of the worst things that you can do concerning your auto performance.

How do cold air intake filters work?

To better comprehend the significance of a performance cold air intake upgrade, it would be best to start by taking a good take a look at how such a system works. While the benefits of cold air intake systems in regards to horsepower gain are not at all that significant, an upgraded cold air intake system will go a long way in better overall engine performance.

So what are the benefits of a cold air intake system? Consider the fact that engines work by drawing in air and combining it with fuel to create combustion which in turn produces power. If you have optimum airflow throughout the engine then increasing horsepower is just a matter of introducing more fuel to the mixture. Increasing fuel circulation is relatively easy, but you cannot say the same thing about the air flowing through and out of the car engine.

Cold air induction systems work by decreasing the temperature of inbound air flowing to the engine. Cooler air is more dense which suggests that your engine has the ability to pack more oxygen to the mix for a more powerful and effective burn.

Another element that makes cold air induction systems such a precious addition to any automotive is the decreased air flow resistance. Notice the pipes linking towards the cold air filters are extremely refined with smooth curves all throughout? Sure it looks nice and adds to the aesthetic value of your vehicle, but that is not all; such characteristics avoid "turbulence" or so called back circulation which limits engine performance due to airflow restrictions. All these make it simpler for your engine to introduce fresh air to the cylinders and expel exhaust gases. Hence the engine "breathes" easier and thus performs better - simple as that.


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