What is the Exhaust System?

Date Posted:19 July 2017 

image of an exhaust system by Pro Speed Racing

Are you wondering how does an exhaust system work on a car and whether such components are worth improving? As you may already know, there’s a lot that goes into keeping your vehicle running safely and efficiently. Unless you are an auto mechanic, there is no way to comprehend all of them.

In this post, we will take a look at how car mufflers work as well as the other major components of an auto exhaust system. Moreover, we also tackle what a performance exhaust system can do for your vehicle. Only then can you decide whether it is a part of your car that’s worth upgrading.

What is the function of an exhaust emission system?

Your vehicle's exhaust system manages the hazardous emissions that the car engine produces. An auto exhaust  accomplishes two important purposes:

  • Keeps direct toxic exhaust gases away from the engine and keeps it from coming into contact with the driver and passengers
  • Minimises the emissions that your car releases into the environment and maintains good air quality

An additional benefit is that the exhaust system substantially lowers unwanted engine noise (not to be confused with the deep growl of a high-performance exhaust).  An exhaust system in working order will keep your vehicle sounding enjoyable as it runs and will minimise poisonous gases.

The part of the exhaust system you can quickly see is the tailpipe under the back of your cars and truck, but the entire system is much bigger and more complex than that. The whole exhaust system runs from just behind the engine and along the underside of your car, ending with the tailpipe.

How does an exhaust system work?

As the engine emits fumes, the exhaust manifolds (the part of the exhaust linked directly to the engine) harness the gases. The catalytic converter then takes charge filtering the exhaust gases such that they are less hazardous to the environment.

How does a car muffler work?

The filtering process can be very loud if not for the mufflers which regulate the noise to a more manageable level. The remainder of the gases then exits your vehicle through the tailpipe.

What is a Catback exhaust system?

Perhaps the most popular kind of performance exhausts on the aftermarket scene is one that sports a "cat back" system. Such an exhaust system enables the engine to generate more power by clearing the flow of exhaust gases while producing that powerful sounding roar sought after by most auto enthusiasts.

Why buy performance exhaust systems online?

The majority of car manufacturers leave plenty of room for enhancement when it comes to horsepower and torque. Most companies will choose the least expensive option when choosing parts like the exhaust systems.

An aftermarket performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. These systems allow for a quicker, more efficient course for exhaust gases to leave. Hence your car's engine "breathes" better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers much faster.  A high-performance aftermarket exhaust system lets your car engine convert more of the fuel-air mixture into usable engine power.


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