What You Need to Know Before Buying Aftermarket Car Parts in Australia

Date Posted:26 July 2017 

Image of aftermarket car parts available in Australia

Are you looking to buy aftermarket car parts in Sydney (or anywhere else in Australia) and are wondering if it is a good idea? How do these parts compare with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that come from the dealership? These are all valid questions and a few things that come to mind especially if you are new to the aftermarket scene.

Now there are many pros and cons to choosing aftermarket performance car parts.  Before making your decision, take some time to think of how much these factors matter to you personally.

What are the benefits of aftermarket parts and accessories?

  • Price - Aftermarket parts are almost always less expensive than OEM parts.
  • Better quality - Created and respected brands provide quality aftermarket components.  Sometimes, these parts may exceed the quality of these made by the OEM.  
  • Choice and availability - While OEM components come with limited options, there are a lot more selections for aftermarket parts.  Additionally, these parts are offered in almost any auto repair centre, while OEM components are usually only provided by the dealer.   

Making the Right Choice in Toyota and Holden aftermarket car parts

If you are deciding between aftermarket automobile parts or OEM components for your car, the right decision depends on a few important factors.  Consider the following before making your decision:

Are you buying the parts to carry out repairs?

For most auto enthusiasts, the choice between OEM and aftermarket auto parts ultimately depends on what you wish to achieve with said parts. Most auto experts discourage the use of aftermarket parts to fix collision damage. Aftermarket panels and other replacement components might be more economical, but they may not fit your vehicle perfectly.

Many auto enthusiasts almost always get aftermarket parts to improve the appearance and performance of their vehicle. For best results, you would want to get aftermarket parts only if they are suited to your particular vehicle make and model.

How much do you know about the brand's quality and standing?

Though many businesses in the aftermarket car parts industry offer excellent quality merchandise, some parts are still less dependable than OEM options.  Understanding the brand's reputation can help.  

If you are familiar with the names that you are using for your auto parts and accessories, your understanding about the reliability of the various manufacturers can help you choose whether to go with aftermarket parts or OEM parts.  However, many consumers do not have this kind of experience and comprehension.  Should you fall into the camp, you will need to do your homework on the particular part and brand before deciding what is right for you.

An easy way to figure out the quality of parts would be to look at reviews online. For one thing, you would know about how good (or bad) the auto parts are from consumers like yourself.

Whether you decide to buy components made by the original manufacturer or opt for aftermarket parts, it is always a good idea to do some research on the parts that you are buying. As with all of your automotive purchases, take some time to research options and opt for the one you feel most confident about.


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