Why Do You Need CRD EVO x Surge Tank Upgrade?

Date Posted:15 February 2018 

Image of a Mitsubishi Evo X









Consistently excellent performance is top priority of CRD EVO owners when undertaking modification projects.  Installing a surge tank in a vehicle such as CRD EVO results in improving power and fuel efficiency, while reducing emissions. It also increases the vehicle’s speed and overall performance on the road.

Upgrading to an aftermarket EVO x fuel tank is a good choice, especially for racecar drivers. Metal suffers from corrosion after a few years of heavy use. Just like other car parts, fuel tanks break down as a result of normal wear and tear. If you’re planning to bolt in a powerful and unbeatable surge tank for you EVO, here are a few things that you need to know!

Why does my EVO need a surge tank?

Replacing an EVO stocker is perceived a worthwhile investment for racecar drivers. Utilising EVO x dual fuel pump for instance guarantees that your car receives the required amount of fuel for high-power output. For drivers engaged in drifting, track, and drag racing, a surge tank ensures efficiency during long bouts of high-performance driving.

In addition, a CRD EVO X surge tank is crucial in cases where the vehicles engine system is certain to suffer from high lateral acceleration load over time.

Lastly, it is the job of the EVO X fuel tank to guarantee constant and easy access to fuel supply, regardless of factors that affect G-forces in variable or constant direction.

Surge tanks also add an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. This aftermarket car part is valuable in that it enhances both the aesthetics and performance of the EVO.

How do you know which surge tank or dual fuel pump system to use for EVO?

Before installing an EVO surge tank, you need to identify which parts perfectly complement your car. You simply cannot transition to a surge tank without considering other parts whose performance might be affected as a result of changing the stock.

If you have questions regarding surge tanks and how you can start on your car modification project, call me on 02 4340 4463. You may also click here to check out our EVO x surge tank collection today!