Why Should You Buy WRX Exhaust Headers

Date Posted:27 October 2017 

Image of a Back side view of Subaru WRX


Installing WRX exhaust headers is a great investment if you desire a smooth sailing ride. If you’re in the process of building your Subaru WRX, increasing engine performance should be top priority. The stock exhaust system may perform satisfactorily, however, if you want your car to realize its ultimate power potential, it is imperative to look at WRX equal length headers.





Are WRX headers worth it?


To fully understand the importance of WRX exhaust headers, it’s important to know how they work. This component plays the important role of coursing hot gases from the cylinder and into the turbocharger instead.


For instance, PSR headers on Toyota 86 once installed makes it relatively easier to direct all exhaust gases out of the cylinders through elimination of manifold pressure. A WRX header with flawless bent design will allow for gases to easily move around freely resulting in reduced backpressure. Expulsion of gases is guaranteed to be more efficient with PSR headers on bolt.


Are equal length headers the best for a BRZ or Toyota 86?


An excellent pair of WRX equal length headers features a mechanism that is able to build sufficient exhaust flow velocity to produce energy pulses.


As the name implies, a PSR equal length header has the ability to expel the gases at the same time with identical rate per pulse. With this type of exhaust system, cylinder temperature remains at a lower range, thus preventing ringland failure. In addition, PSR equal length headers made from stainless steel features balance of backpressure resulting in improvement on total performance.


Now that we have provided you enough information about exhaust headers and the benefits when you install equal length headers, you get a clearer idea if this system upgrade is worth the money.

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Perrin Engine Mount kit suit WRX/STI/BRZ/86


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