Why Should You Choose Performance Car Parts for Sale Online?

Author: admin   Date Posted:21 September 2018 

Image of performance car parts in Australia by Prospeed Racing

Replacing damaged performance car parts is a challenge for first-time shoppers. The dilemma is choosing between OEM car parts straight from the car manufacturers and purchasing aftermarket performance car parts from specialty high performance parts dealers near you. Before rushing into buying the first replacement car parts that you need, follow this guide which will help you make the right decision when choosing performance car parts for sale.

What is the difference between OEM and Aftermarket Car Parts and Accessories?

There’s not a lot of difference between OEM and aftermarket car parts sold by third-party high-performance stores. In order for you to understand this statement, we will keep things straight and simple by defining them.

OEM Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts are those advertised by car manufacturers and large dealerships as genuine replacements for the original parts of your car. In essence, OEM car parts are manufactured at the same facilities where the parts built-in to your vehicle came from.

OEM car parts and accessories are the same as those in a manufacturing company’s assembly line. This also means that OEM performance car parts have passed the same quality control criteria as those found in your vehicle.

OEM parts are often marketed as “genuine” and are of better quality than aftermarket car parts.

But in terms of pricing, OEM car parts are more expensive than aftermarket counterparts. If you are on a budget, you may want to skip buying OEM and purchase aftermarket body parts instead.

Aftermarket Performance Car Parts

As the name implies, these are car parts and accessories created by aftermarket manufacturing companies. Aftermarket performance car parts perform the same functions as OEM parts and are are made to the same specifications as those of the original manufacturer.

Simply put, aftermarket car parts resemble the look, dimensions, and functions of OEM parts. They are relatively cheaper than OEM parts. If you perform thorough research before buying, you may even end up with affordable performance car parts of comparable quality to OEM parts.


Regardless of your final buying decision, we highly recommend that you look at several shops to compare prices and check for reviews from past customers. If you want to request a quote, you may call us on 02 43404463 today.