The Difference Between OEM Subaru STI Parts and Aftermarket Performance Parts

Author: admin   Date Posted:27 September 2018 

Set of various spare parts of engine and gear box, Image by Prospeed Racing

It’s a fact that vehicles go through wear and tear when you drive them on a regular basis. Subaru WRX and Subaru GC8 vehicle owners are no exception to this rule. In the event of damaged rally parts, you need to replace these parts immediately to ensure safety and efficiency on the road. Finding new Subaru STI parts can be quite the challenge, especially if you have not replaced the OEM in the past.


If you are a Subaru WRX, Subaru GC8, or Subaru STI owner, this article will help you find the best aftermarket parts online. In order to arrive at a sensible and practical purchasing decision for your prized Subaru, it’s ideal to start by educating drivers about the difference between aftermarket parts and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.


What are OEM parts?


If you are an owner of a Subaru model with damaged parts and accessories, you will need a replacement to ensure that it runs smoothly the next time you take it on the road. Whether you are looking to replace a simple oil filter or a complete exhaust system, it is a priority that you get the right parts to replace the original ones.


When you make the decision of purchasing OEM to replace GC8 body parts, you are getting an identical item. In the case of Subaru GC8 rally parts, OEM replacements are made to meet what your vehicle needs to operate without problems with fitting and operation. Buying Subaru WRX OEM parts for other Subaru models are relatively easier in that you can simply get these items at the Subaru dealership near you.


One major benefit of OEM parts such as those that you can install on Subaru STI, Subaru WRX, and Subaru GC8 is that purchase from an official dealership comes with a warranty. The warranty protects consumers like you from defective parts. You can readily replace purchased OEM parts without any additional expenses.


The only drawback of purchasing OEM parts is that they are more expensive. You may also need to wait longer than usual, especially if the parts that you need are not at-hand or shipped from overseas.


What are Aftermarket parts?


Aftermarket parts are parts that you can purchase from a third-party car parts and accessories store. In terms of quality, aftermarket car parts have the same function as OEM parts. The only difference is that they may or may not be manufactured by your vehicle’s parts and accessories manufacturer. For instance, Subaru WRX aftermarket parts such as headers and turbo chargers may also be installed on other performance car models, provided that they fit and meet size specifications. Aftermarket performance car parts are cheaper and more accessible to consumers. Depending on the car parts and accessories distributor, aftermarket parts for Subaru WRX, Subaru STI, and Subaru GC8 may or may not come with a warranty.

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