Some Frequently-asked Questions about Mishimoto Radiators for Subaru WRX

Date Posted:12 April 2017 

Do you have concerns about the warranty on your Mishimoto radiator? Is it worth switching to and what good will it do for your Subaru WRX? These are all good questions and a few things you might be wondering about even when auto experts highly recommend them.


Where are Mishimoto radiators made?

Mishimoto makes their radiators inside their cutting edge R&D facility located in New Castle, Delaware. They produce everything on-site to maintain the highest quality which explains the stellar reviews on Mishimoto radiators and the lifetime warranty on their products.


Can I get an E36 Mishimoto radiator instead?

Mishimoto designed the E36 to fit 1988 to 1999 E30 and E36 BMW models directly. While you can fit it into your Subaru WRX with some modifications, the company does not recommend it and may void the warranty on the radiator, or the car itself.

To ensure optimal performance, Mishimoto makes radiators for particular makes and models. For example, the Mishimoto radiator 6.0 power stroke for 2003 -2007 models of the Ford F250. You would do well to choose one that directly fits your vehicle.


Why switch to a Mishimoto radiator?

Auto experts often recommend changing to an aluminium Mishimoto radiator to mitigate excessive heat that almost always accompanies a significant increase in engine power. These radiators significantly increase the motor's cooling capacity and prevent overheating.


What makes Mishimoto radiators better than my stock one?

Unlike most stock OEM radiators in the market, Mishimoto radiators feature 2 to 3 rows of aluminium finish that enables the integral component to dissipate heat much more efficiently. The radiator also features bigger coolant capacity and surface area for optimal heat reduction.


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