Subaru STI Performance Cars - What Makes it Different and Where to Get Affordable Spare Parts

Date Posted:6 March 2017 

Image of a Subaru STI Performance Car

Are you interested in the Subaru WRX STI,  and are wondering if it is the right vehicle for you? What makes this car better than most of its counterparts in the market? These are all perfectly good questions, especially when the STI version tends to cost a lot more than the standard WRX.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most notable qualities of the WRX STI and the kind of driving experience that you can expect out of it. Only then can you decide whether it is the right imported vehicle for you.


One feature that makes the WRX STI stand out from other vehicles in its' category is the classic "Boxer" engine paired with a 6-speed transmission. Unlike its standard counterpart, the STI's engine has a low centre of gravity for better control and stability. Most auto experts highly commend the vehicle for firmly gripping the road surface even at high speeds.


Forced induction

As if the STI's engine is not powerful enough, many are also pleasantly surprised that it is turbocharged. Spent gases are used to drive a turbine that supplies the engine with even more power without sacrificing fuel efficiency.


All Wheel Drive

The wheels on the drive train are synchronised to act over a distance while in rotation turning the STI into a remarkable off-road platform. The vehicle can traverse over any terrain thanks to its all wheel drive train that connects all four wheels to centre differentials. The axles on the drive train are one of a kind, rotating at various speeds to help maintain traction.


Variable Centre Differential

Unlike the standard WRX, the STI grants you control over the centre differential. This feature allows all four wheels to move at different speeds and provide limited slip differential to mitigate the difference in power between the rear and front wheels.

If you consider yourself an auto enthusiast, then you would know how remarkable it is to have a real all wheel drivetrain and a variable centre differential in one vehicle. The STI can move over rugged terrain with ease as well as travel at high speed on the roadway, navigating corners and braking quickly as necessary.


Subaru WRX Aftermarket Parts

In addition to the notable features mentioned above, STI owners can also look forward to customising their vehicle for even better performance and aesthetics.

At this point, you have probably gone over the STI parts catalogue leaving you with more questions than answers.

Popular Subaru WRX performance parts include the Invidia R400 Catback exhaust system and the GFB Boost Controller. Also, you can get aftermarket body kits and spoilers like the ABW Ducktail Wing Suit to turn your STI into one of a kind. Or you can check out Subaru Tecnica International Parts.


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