3 Top Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Brands on the Market

Date Posted:16 August 2017 

Image of a top performance cold air intakeAre you looking for some of the best performance cold air intakes for trucks and cars but do not know where to start? It helps to know what brands to look out for when you do make the upgrade. The benefits of a better cold air intake system can be significant but only if you choose the right ones for the job.


In this post, we will take a look at a few of the top brands for performance cold air intake systems. Having the following names in mind will significantly improve your chances of obtaining the desired performance from your vehicle.


A review of some of the top cold air intake brands

K&N Cold Air Intake

The brand has become more of a household name for many auto enthusiasts for good reason. The manufacturers are well known for producing some of the best cold air intake kits on the market like the 71 Series Blackhawk Air Intake and the FIPK air intake which are both legal in Australia.

What sets K&N apart from most other manufacturers who produce aftermarket cold air intake systems is the degree of innovation that seems to accompany many of their performance air intake kits. The K&N 71 in particular, sports an oil-free Blackhawk filter that yields maximum airflow and simplifies maintenance. Whichever model of cold air intake you choose,  a million miles of limited lifetime warranty will give you peace of mind.



If you prefer working with a trusted brand with more than two decades of experience in the auto performance industry, then you cannot go wrong with what AEM has to offer.  Their cold air intake kit is one of the most powerful in the market and a worthwhile addition to any vehicle.



Another brand to look out for when it comes to performance cold air intake kits and other aftermarket auto parts is "Mishimoto". They do not mess around and produce some of the top-performing cold air intake systems on the market today. Their air intake kits boast robust construction, and thoroughly dyno tested to yield and support significant gains in engine power.


Interested in any of the brands mentioned above for a cold air intake system for your VW GTI?

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