Here are the Top Reasons Why Your Car Needs an Impreza GC8 Over Fenders

Date Posted:22 February 2018 

Image of a subaru Impreza


The Subaru Impreza GC8 was created with excitement, top-notch speed and performance in mind. It inspires you to drive it everyday, during weekends or on long-haul trips. Its engine will tease you to push the limits that give you that exhilarating high no other vehicle can ever provide.

One major modification that GC8 owners perform on their cars is the installation of Impreza GC8 Over Fenders. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of GC8 overfenders, you may be thinking why you should invest in this accessory. Here are reasons why!

  • Protect the sleek interiors of your car

Harmful debris is everywhere! It’s impossible to avoid it whether you are driving along paved roads or off the beaten path. You can protect the paint job on your Impreza by installing GC8 couple fender flares.

The primary job of GC8 fender flares is to protect your car from debris including mud, rocks, and other road particles. The rotating wheels and tires throw particles in all directions which may potentially result in minor scratches or major dents on your car. Fender flares will ensure that your car will need fewer paint jobs or exterior repairs over time.

  • Hide imperfections

Another reason why you should consider installing Subaru Outback or Impreza fender flares is that they are effective in concealing a vehicle’s damages and signs of old age such as rust. The addition of mud flaps avoids damage to the lower part of the vehicle.

  • An additional part of your Impreza GC8

GC8 overfenders can completely alter the look of your expensive Impreza. When fitted with the perfect fender flares, you can install bigger tyres and lift kit too! You can match the fender flares with the bodyline of your vehicle to enhance its aesthetic appeal on and off the road.

  • Variety in Fender Flares Styles

GC8 fender flares come in different styles and prices. Bear in mind that the application of over fenders will require you to change to bigger tires. Depending on your personal taste, here are fender flare types to choose from:

  • OE style fenders feature basic stock look of your Impreza GC8. if you’re looking to cover minor rusting, OE style is most affordable, top choice.

  • Street style over fenders are smaller than the OE style and primarily offers protection to the wheels and fender. It’s low profile and yet classy appearance appeals to lovers of the classic look. These over fenders are perfect for small SUVs and trucks, too.

  • Bold style GC8 over fenders are perfect for Impreza owners who want to give their vehicle a rough and tough look. Instead of holes, these flare fenders deliver bolt-on appearance.

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