What You Need to Know about Adding a Turbo or Supercharger for a Toyota 86

Date Posted:25 August 2017 

Image of a supercar equipped with SuperchargerAre you looking for a turbo kit for a Toyota 86 in Melbourne but are not sure if it is a worthwhile addition to your car? After all, forced induction upgrades do not come cheap and are one of the most complicated upgrades you can get for your vehicle.


In this post, we will take a look at three important things that you need to consider before adding a performance turbo kit to your Toyota 86. Only then can you decide whether it is a good idea to add forced induction, when most people would agree that the Toyota 86 is already fast right out of the factory as sports cars go.


Toyota 86 turbo kit review


Unlock more horsepower

Now let us start with the obvious - an upgrade like the Greddy turbo kit can help your car engine churn out more horsepower. Some might say that such an upgrade is hardly necessary on a car like the Toyota 86 but people claiming the latter are bound to change their mind once they try a supercharged version of the same vehicle.

To put things in perspective, the stock 86 tops at around 200 horsepower. Add a turbo kit, and that number can soar even higher, and it is not uncommon to achieve gains of up to 280 HP. Such an increase is significant and more than enough to give most drivers the sensation of getting pinned back to the seat whenever they press down on the accelerator. There are no official numbers, but there have been many claims that a supercharged Toyota 86 can go from 0-100 in about 5.6 seconds.


Adding a supercharger makes "normal" driving easier

Contrary to popular belief that forced induction only belongs to the race track, daily driving is where you will feel most of the benefit regardless of what vehicle you drive. Sure, driving a car with power to spare is always fun but you may be no stranger to the frustration of pushing the accelerator as hard as you can, but your car just refuses to go any faster.  Adding a performance turbo kit will ensure that you will never have that problem.


It is not going to be cheap

You would have to drive a supercharged 86 to know the difference, and you are bound to agree that the latter is more fun to drive compared to its stock counterpart. It would be silly not to get forced induction, right? Well, there is just one factor that you need to consider - cost.

A Harrop supercharger kit alone for the Toyota 86 can cost you $7,975 which may not be so bad except that you also need to consider additional mods that you will need to complete the setup.  For one thing, you will need a cat-back exhaust and an ECU upgrade which can easily bump up the cost by an additional $4000 or so. Still, most people would agree that it is a small price to pay when you have already demonstrated that you are willing to spend big money on auto performance by becoming one of the few proud owners of vehicles like the Toyota 86. It would be a shame to waste all that potential now, is it?


Looking to get started with a Toyota 86 AVO turbo kit?

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