What You Need to Know about a Cat Back Exhaust System

Date Posted:29 May 2017 

cat back exhaust system, Image by Pro Speed Racing


Are you looking to improve the exhaust system on your vehicle for enhancing engine power and a meaty sounding roar? If so, then you will not be disappointed with what an aftermarket Catback exhaust system has to offer. Most auto experts highly recommend the latter as the first few performance upgrades one ought to have on their vehicle.


Why get a performance cat back exhaust in Australia?

So what is a Catback exhaust system? It is important to understand how this system works if only to determine whether it is an upgrade worth having for your vehicle. Simply put, a Catback exhaust is a type of exhaust system that you install directly after a catalytic converter (hence the name). Replacing your stock exhaust with the latter means swapping pipes and mufflers; anything that interferes with the continuous flow of exhaust gases out of the engine.

So how does an exhaust system work on a car? As the engine generates power, exhaust gases flow out onto the exhaust pipes enabling the motor to "breathe" easier as it draws in fresh fuel and air mixture.

How does the exhaust system affect performance? The better the flow of exhaust gases, the easier it is for the engine to generate more horsepower. An increase in the flow of exhaust gases is the most significant benefit of getting a performance cat back exhaust system. This is achieved through the use of smooth, broad diameter stainless steel pipes and a special muffler design that generates a satisfying roar as the vehicle accelerates on the road.


The cost of a cat back exhaust - is it worth it?

A good set of aftermarket Catback exhaust system can cost as much as $3000 (Ford Performance Mustang Catback Exhaust System). Still, most people would agree that such an upgrade is well worth the cost as the upgraded exhaust not only makes their vehicle sound and perform better but also improves aesthetics. It is also interesting to note that Catback exhaust systems are bolt-on parts which mean that they are relatively easy to install.



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