Why Shop for Performance Cold Air Intake Kits?

Date Posted:29 June 2017 

Image of a performance air intake system, by Pro Speed Racing


Are you in the market for an upgraded cold air intake in Australia? What are some of the things that you need to know about getting such an update for your vehicle? Most auto experts recommend getting a better cold air induction system as one of the first few upgrades to get for improving vehicle performance and not without good reason.
In this post, we take a good look at how does a cold air intake work and what to expect when installing such an upgrade on your vehicle. Only then can you decide whether it is an improvement well worth having.

What exactly is a cold air intake system and how does it work? 

Now it is not as complicated as you might think when you consider that all engines need airflow to burn fuel. Hence a performance cold air induction system is just a less restrictive air inlet for your car engine. You will find that the benefits of switching over from a stock cold air intake can be quite significant:

  • Better fuel efficiency due to optimal supply of air flowing in and out of the engine
  • Greater horsepower output as the engine can burn fuel much more efficiently
  • A profound and powerful engine roar whenever you step on the gas which is a trait highly sought after by most auto enthusiasts


What is the installation process for a cold air induction system? 

Now that you have an idea of what a performance cold air intake can do, you might be wondering how do you install one on your vehicle? Again, it is not as difficult as you might think although you can always pay an auto mechanic to hook it up for you. Still, if you are confident in your DIY skills, then there is no reason not to install it yourself and save a bit of money in the process:


  1. Make sure that your engine has cooled down and is safe to work with to avoid any injuries.
  2. Disconnect  your car battery and proceed to remove your stock cold air intake.
  3. Your performance cold air intake system ought to come with a silicone coupling or something similar. Connect the latter to the throttle body by turning the hose clamp but do not tighten it yet.
  4. Take the intake tube and slide it into the silicone coupling. Check that you have connected the inlet pipe to the throttle bay and that is facing away from the engine.
  5. Tighten all the brackets and couplings then plug the airflow sensor into your upgraded cold air intake system. At this point, you just have to reconnect the car battery, and you are ready to go!



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