Turbo Back Exhaust Explained

Date Posted:8 February 2018 

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If you’re planning an exhaust upgrade for your Subaru WRX or the sportier WRX STI, it’s best to know a thing or two about exhaust systems. The extra knowledge about exhaust system upgrades and modification will help you choose the exhaust system that can guarantee unparalleled performance.  

Why choose turbo?

There is no contest when we say that a full turbo back exhaust is more efficient than a cat back system. To understand the advantage of switching to turbo back exhaust, it’s important to learn about another option- the catalytic converter exhaust system.

Turbo Back Exhaust vs Cat Back Exhaust Systems

  • Catalytic converter or Cat Back Exhaust in Subaru WRX and STI models are meant to be more free flowing than stockers. It allows the engine to breathe easier by reducing the amount of pressure in the system. The gains from cat back systems are crucial as it not only affects a vehicle’s overall performance but reduces noise, too.  The low and deep rumbling noise of cat back systems exudes a more aggressive tone, which adds to the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.
  • Adding a turbo back exhaust system on your WRX or WRX STI will be beneficial given both models have turbocharged engines in place. This is essentially the part of an exhaust system that starts from the outlet of a turbocharger engine to the final outlet to open air. Unlike vehicles that have stock cat back systems, turbo back engines are most commonly aftermarket parts used for modification purposes.

So which is better?

In essence, a turbo back exhaust diesel for your WRX or STI will be generating more power than a cat back system. In exchange for power, you will invest more money to replace the full exhaust system that you currently have in your vehicle. If you don’t own a turbo car, it’s impossible to switch to a turbo back setup. For those without a turbo, you may need to change your engine first before looking into switching from cat back to turbo back.

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